How do I book?

Contact us and I will get you all booked!!

What is required to book a session?

To book a session, I require the payment in full upon the signing of your contract. We find the date that works best with both of our schedules!

What if we have to cancel our session, is it refundable?

All sessions are non-refundable, but sessions can be moved to a date that works best.

Do you provide sneak peeks?

If we can, ABSOLUTELY!! But please understand that sometimes we are not able to, but try our best to!

How long is the turn around?

For Portrait Sessions, it will take 2-4 weeks, Engagement sessions take 2-4 weeks, for Weddings, it takes 2-6 months depending on which collection you choose. Please note that editing is done Monday-Friday since weekends are booked with events, so please allow business days to apply to your delivery date. If you wish for Wedding photos to. be delivered by a specific date, you can purchase a Whimsy rush to your gallery!

Can I have the RAW photos?

Unfortunately, we do NOT provide RAW images to our clients. Please please please do not ask us for them because we HATE saying no or disappointing our sweet couples and families! You hired us because you like our editing style and technique. Trust us and our judgement and know that you will have INCREDIBLE photos!